Wumart Donates 10 Million to Support Science Education

On July 1, 95th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party, Dongrun Foundation and Wumart Stores Inc. jointly held a donation ceremony in Beijing.  Wumart made a donation of 10 million RMB to support science education programs for Chinese youth.


Mengfu Huang, Honorary President of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Dongmei Kong, President of Dongrun Foundation, and Bin Zhang, President of Wumart Stores attended the ceremony.  The guests praised Wumart’s effort in promoting public welfare, saying it is an important act of charity that will bring positive effects to the development of science education among Chinese youth, encouraging more young people to love science and pursue scientific knowledge.


Mengfu Huang pointed out that as a leading private enterprise, Wumart had achieved great success.  The donation of ten million RMB is a reflection of the company’s strong sense of social responsibility.  The science awards sponsored by Dongrun Foundation have received wide praise from the public.  He hopes the Wumart donation will bring more positive effects to the healthy development of public welfare undertakings and the related social organizations.

Honorary President of ACFIC Mengfu Huang Addresses the Ceremony

Dongmei Kong commented that children are our future, and every science-loving child may be a rising star of future scientist. Ever since its establishment, Dongrun Foundation has dedicated its attention to the well-being of Chinese children and committed efforts to works like sponsoring Dongrun-Yau Science Award and providing financial aid to improve the education of children in less developed areas.  Wumart Stores is one of the biggest, first developed chain businesses in China.  The donation to Dongrun Foundation shows once again the company’s concern and support for China’s science education.


Bing Zhang stated that improve people’s quality of life had always been regarded as a sacred mission by Wumart.  They are committed to providing the public with pleasant shopping experience and high quality commodities at reasonable prices, while on the other hand, Wumart will continue to support public welfare, make its share of contribution to create a better society.

Wumart and Dongrun Foundation Sign Donation Agreement

Dongrun President Dongmei Kong Awards Donation Certificate to Wumart

Wumart Stores Inc. is one of the biggest, first developed chain businesses in China, a pioneer of the country’s modern circulation industry.  In over twenty year’s development, Wumart has always kept in mind its social responsibility and committed to give back to the society through various ways, contributing efforts to promote the development of public welfare and social harmony.  So far Wumart has donated over 50 million RMB to programs in education, helping the poor, disaster relief and fighting AIDS.  During the 2003 SARS epidemic, none of Wumart stores closed, none of the commodities were out of stock and none raised price.  After the catastrophic earthquakes in Wenchuan and Yushu, Wumart made donations immediately and organized its own relief convoys to deliver supply to the stricken areas. For major events such as Beijing Olympics and the 60th National Anniversary celebrations, Wumart never failed to deliver first-rate logistics service.


Wumart has always been concerned about the development of education and the young generation.  The Wumart Sunshine Fellowship is a program that has been running for ten years, providing financial aid to the children of Wumart store employees who had been accepted to universities.  So far over one thousand students have received grants.  The company is also involved in other programs such as funding the Wumart Science Masters Award at Nankai University, providing milk powder and other nourishments to children in poverty areas through Wumart Fund, and setting up charity boxes for the Spring Seedling Program in its stores to raise fund for children in less developed areas.


Dongrun Foundation was established on August 19, 2015.  It is a private foundation registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, operating nation-wide under the administration of the Ministry.  Dongrun is committed to promote the spirit of public welfare and contribute efforts to the education of the country’s young science talents, focusing on “Innovation, Experience, Progress”, aiming to encourage young people to discover the fun of fundamental research, as well as learn to be creative and think creatively.  Ever since its establishment, Dongrun Foundation has worked closely with Professor Shing-Tung Yau to support the Dongrun-Yau Science Award, which by then had already held eight sessions of award competitions in mathematics and three sessions in physics.  By the end of 2015, 4659 teams from over 1200 schools had participated in the competitions.  The participants came from 28 provinces and autonomous regions in China as well as other countries.  A total of 120 professors and scientist from home and abroad had joined the event as judges or consultants.