Dongrun-Yau Award Winners  Attend the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians

Representatives of Dongrun-Yau Award winners joined a symposium organized by Dongrun Foundation at Tsinghua University on August 6.  Later that day, the students attended the 7th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM) hosted jointly by Tsinghua University and the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science and the Morningside Center of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Renowned scholars from Harvard, Princeton, Tsinghua, Fudan,University of California and other elite schools and experts from enterprises such as Tencent, Alibaba Group and Microsoft took part in the event.Discussions and lectures were held on topics of The Golden Age of Fundamental Physics, Quantitative Biology and Biomedical Sciences, The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Big Data.  The guests and lecturers also answered questions from the audience.


During the meeting, around 1500 mathematicians of Chinese descent and overseas scholars gathered at the Great Hall of the People to discuss the latest development in mathematical studies around the world.  Tenured professor at Harvard, Fields Medalist Shing-Tung Yau expressed the hope of training more world-class mathematicians in China.  He said that if we relied on mergers and acquisitions or mere imitation of what others had already done, then the development of science and technology would always fall behind developed countries, because to reach any achievement, the last 10% of science work was undoubtedly guided by great amounts of knowledge from fundamental science, and that fundamental science was based on mathematics.


By creating a platform of communication, Dongrun Foundation hopes to enhance the interaction between young people and masters of science, thus encouraging youngsters to think creatively and achieve a broader international vision.  The Foundation will continue to sponsor various activities in scientific learning and communication, helping more aspiring young people to explore the world of science.