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Dongrun Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Dongrun”) respects the lawful rights of all authors and creators and has no intention to violate anyone’s interests.  However, there may be inevitable oversights in the process of material collection.  If you find anything that infringes your or any other creator’s legal copyright, please do not hesitate to call us during office hours.  Dongrun is grateful for your support and will deal with the problem immediately.  

Each and every trademark and logo on this website belongs to its legal holder.  Unless the author and/or source is indicated, pictures, text, documents for downloading, research reports, project files and all other materials are the copyright property of Dongrun.  Without written approval of Dongrun, any part of the above mentioned materials may not be reproduced, copied, plagiarized, modified, published, forwarded, reprinted or traded in any form.  Dongrun reserves all the rights.

Privacy Policy  

Dongrun takes great measures to protect user’s privacy.  Your personal information will not be used at any place other than Dongrun.  We may forward your e-mail address to collaborating institutions if necessary, but it will strictly be for the purpose of delivering news and information on public welfare activities related to Dongrun.  

Dongrun collects personal information submitted voluntarily by subscribers through the subscription service offered on this website, also from registration forms filled out and submitted voluntarily by donors, entrepreneurs, volunteers, job applicants and participants of competitions.  The information collected will not be transferred or sold to any third party or individual.  Dongrun reserves the right to change the means of information collection.