Notice of Submit Entries for 2016 Dongrun-Yau Science Award

The submission system of project reports for 2016 Dongrun-Yau Science Award was opened at 00:00, July 1, 2016, and will be closed at 24:00, September 15.  Participants may revise and submit their reports more than once during the above period.  The system will keep only the last version uploaded.


When uploading your reports, please note the following requirements:


1. The reports must be PDF files.  


2. Along with the report, the participant is required to provide information on a) whether the project had been submitted to other award competitions; b) if yes, time of participation, name of the competition, and, if any, the award achieved.


3. Title of the report file shall include province, full school name, name of the contact person, contact number, e-mail, registered category of competition, abbreviated title of the report, date, version.  E.g., for an entry under the category of chemistry, the file name shall read as: Zhejiang-xxxx Middle School-Li Si-Chemistry-A Preliminary Study on Chemiluminescence Mechanism-Research Report-20160909.pdf


4.Participants who wish to upload visual materials, please contact us at e-mail addresses for separate categories:








**For participants of the Mathematics Competition, please refer to information released on the Mathematics registration website:**