Competition Guidelines (Physics) 

1.How to Join


South Division: Zhejiang/Jiangsu/Shanghai/Guangdong/Guangxi/Hainan/Sichuan/Hunan/Guizhou/Yunnan/Xizang/



North Division: Beijing/Hebei/Tianjin/Shanxi/Shandong/Inner Mongolia/ Sinkiang /Heilongjiang/ Jilin/Liaoning/



Overseas Division:Outside China Mainland.


2.The Competition


Students who intend to participate may form their teams and complete the initial registration through the registration webpage of Dongrun-Yau Science Award (Physics). 

A team should select a suitable physical research topic and perform an independent study.

Each team should submit a research report, written in English or Chinese, (Chinese must has an English abstract) before the deadline, through the designated internet channel.

Each team should comply with academic honesty and intellectual property when producing the research report.

Each team should observe all other restrictions, including the conflicts of interest policy, of this program.


The Secretariat under the Executive Committee may organize activities from time to time in order to provide guidance and assistance to the teams. Each team may participate according to their own needs.


3.Planning your Research


In the following, there is a simple list of important dates and events.

 Dates Events     Remarks
April. 1 – June. 1
Initial registration

You may start to register even when the team is not yet

 completely formed.

July. 1 – Sep. 15

Online submission/update of

research report

Online submission/update of research report.
Sep. 16 – Nov. 15Review papersAfter three rounds of review, generate teams for final competition.
Mid–DecemberFinal competition

Final presentation at the presence of the International Committee.

 Tsinghua University.

Mid–DecemberAward ceremonyTsinghua University.



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